Opsium have specialist experience in advising within the care industry.

We understand the impact that the law has on employers and employees in this specific sector and are ready with a wealth of information on matters of employment law that are particularly important in your industry.

Employment law is extensive and further complicated by the need for employers to apply reason and judgement dependant on individual circumstances. These circumstances can include the industry that an employee is working in and the core purpose of their role.

Questions we are typically asked include:

  • Can I pay less than national minimum wage to someone on a sleepover?
  • Can I roll up holiday pay for bank staff on a casual basis?
  • Do I need to worry about the Working Time Regulations and giving sufficient rest breaks when I employ a live in carer?
  • Do I need to continue to employ a disabled employee who can’t lift a wheelchair for someone they care for?
  • Is the employee dismissed or made redundant when the employer has died?
  • How can I still be found guilty of unfair dismissal when the service user has died?
  • If I lose a local authority contract to another care home what are my responsibilities under TUPE?

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