We’ve partnered with Safety2Business to provide a comprehensive Health & Safety consultancy service to our clients.

Safety2Business is a market leader in the formulation and implementation of Health & Safety Management Systems that provide practical solutions for all business sectors.

They work with organisations to produce bespoke policies and procedures and address any high risk areas. Their systems are designed to improve health and safety performance, ensure legal compliance, increase business efficiency and in many cases provide a competitive and commercial benefit.

Key Services:

  • Bespoke Health & Safety Policies and Procedures that are tailored to meet the needs of your business
  • Guidance and risk management expertise to ensure you have suitable and sufficient assessments for work activities
  • COSHH Management Systems that allow potentially hazardous substances to be assessed and appropriate control measures put in place
  • Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Documentation and Training to ensure legal compliance with fire legislation, safe guard employees and meet insurance requirements
  • Accident and Emergency procedures to deal with high priority situations including specialist investigation services
  • Training and induction programmes to ensure that staff are fully aware of company policies and procedures
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