What’s in it for me?



What’s in it for me?


A new survey reveals that 70 per cent of British employees admit that job incentives motivate them.

It’s no surprise that perks are attractive for many job seekers, with Google recently confirming that 92 per cent of its employees would recommend them to a friend, and it’s not surprising when you hear about some of the perks. Free gourmet food, massages, on-site hair stylists, nap pods, childcare and doctors available for check-ups.

While some would accuse Google of promoting the magpie employee, the truth is that employers are finding it more difficult to attract and retain the best calibre of staff. Through the generous benefits and perks provided by Google, they are able to attract, and keep, the highest calibre candidates.

Survey me

Reboot Online marketing conducted a survey of more than 1,200 marketing professionals in regard to the benefits they receive at work, and if they could choose, what their top three benefits would be:

•    Of those surveyed, 66 per cent stated their company offered some form of benefit / incentives.

•    70 per cent of employees believe that benefits / incentives make a difference to their workplace motivation
     and job retention.

•    25 per cent would take one job over another based on the quality of benefits / incentives offered.

The most popular benefit amongst employees was training (60 per cent), followed by flexible hours (58 per cent) and more holiday allowance (55 per cent).

Some of the more unconventional incentives offered included:

•    Allowance of time off for volunteering (3 per cent)

•    On-site healthcare (4 per cent)

•    Staff holidays (15 per cent)

•    Adrenaline fuelled activities (10 per cent)

•    Unlimited alcohol on Fridays (5 per cent)

Speaking about the results, Shai, the managing director of Reboot Online, said:

“I think it’s important to offer incentives and benefits to employees to show them you appreciate their work. I like to keep my staff on their toes; maintaining the thirst to learn and achieve while ensuring there is never a dull moment.”

Are you thinking of offering incentives to your staff but unsure of where to begin? Contact us today to find out how.

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