Average Brit works two months mostly unpaid overtime a year



Average Brit works two months mostly unpaid overtime a year


According to a recent study by totallymoney.com, Brits are working more overtime than ever and it’s mostly unpaid.

The study, run by OnePoll, surveyed over 2,000 workers in February 2017, across all sectors and the results were surprising. On average, British workers are putting in 8.4 hours of overtime each week, adding up to 68 days of unpaid work a year.

The study found that 64% of respondents weren’t paid for their overtime hours, and only 13% did overtime for the love of the job.

The region you work in also plays a big part in how much overtime you do and whether you are paid for the privilege. Londoners put the most overtime hours in (9.6) closely followed by workers in the West Midlands (9.2) and East Anglia (8.5). Those in the East Midlands do the most unpaid overtime (71%), while workers in the West Midlands are the most likely to be paid for their endeavours (47%).

The study also found that:

  • Only a third of British workers leave the office on time
  • Four out of five workers admitted to working through their lunch break each day
  • Teachers work an average of 6.5 hours overtime each week, with 80% not being paid for it
  • Almost 60% of people surveyed feel that they don’t have a good work / life balance
  • Healthcare workers on average put in an extra 7.7 hours each week, with over half (55%) not being paid. The most frequent reason for putting the overtime hours in was feeling overwhelmed by the workload

Gender pay gap

The results of the study revealed yet more evidence of the gender pay gap with 43% of men receiving pay for overtime, compared to just 30% of women.

Almost a quarter of women surveyed (24%) said they felt pressured into working the extra hours to progress in their career as opposed to 11% of men. And that doesn’t just extend to the office, 24% of women admitted to working while on holiday compared to just 13% of men.

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